Public Policy Proposals is a platform for the solicitation and dissemination of policies that have been initiated and created by the public. Often policy is written by special interest groups, lobbyists, political marketing firms and think-tanks hired to examine and manipulate public or political agendas in favor of their clients' worldview. Let's widen the scope of who writes policy in the first place — then send them directly to our lawmakers, activists, educators, and community leaders to consider. 

On January 1st 2021, Lyeberry Press will publish our first collection of policy proposals as a spiral-bound reader (and as an open-source .pdf document) that will be disseminated through a myriad of communities and institutions. This project is open to all communities and all ages. The only limitations to submitting a policy proposal is that they do not incite violence or bigotry of any kind. We welcome image-based policy proposals as well text-based. Sometimes images are more powerful than words. Submit your proposals in the form below!