Los Angeles:

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

6522 Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90028

New York:

Time: 9pm – 12am

NYU Steinhardt Barney Bldg.

34 Stuyvesant St. (6th Fl)

New York, NY 10003

Campfire links together sites in Los Angeles and New York via skype, allowing visitors in both locations to share performances, storytelling, readings, sing-a-longs and the pleasure of each other’s company. In Los Angeles, Campfire will be held at LACE in Hollywood on November 4th from 6-9pm and in New York it will be held at NYU Steinhardt’s Barney Building (6th fl.) in the East Village. Campfire continues the dialogue between Lyeberry and the Elysian Park Museum of Art, which currently has a show at LACE. Join us in celebrating the transformation of LACE into the Elysian Park Museum of Art’s Visitor Center by circling the virtual flames and share with friends and strangers on the other side of the bonfire.