Saturday, August 29th 2009, 11am—2pm

4447 1/4 Willow Brook Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90029 (SW of Virgil/Santa Monica)

Please bring any drawings, prints, zines, art books, DVDs, CDs, images, objects, and/or costumes that you'd like to swap or share with others.  How you'd like to share them is up to you.  Forage through your flat files!  Comb your computer!  Search the studio!  Rummage through your rubbish! 

Although we're going to be concentrating on art objects, please feel free to bring these other objects: 

Books/Recipes/Mixed Tapes/CD’s/DVD’s/Records/Plants and Seeds/Foods/Drinks 

OJ and Champagne are always a +!)/Conversation/Storytelling 


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