Gillian Davis 

November 10, 2017 - January 9, 2018

Lyeberry HQ | 250 Greenpoint Avenue, 4th Fl. Brooklyn, NY 11222

I live in the redwood forest of Northern California. My home is absorbed beneath mammoth Sequoia, crumbling Oak and twisting Madrone. All around me are the arch and line of branches – the dark and tangled knots of layered tree trunks. Triangles of sky glowing through twisted limbs and leaves, flexing and shimmering in batches of pattern.

Not one inch is spared in the forest. Every space is filled with shape. As I walk in these woods each day, images arise in my mind. The density of the forest cradles these images and they begin to work as one. The forest follows me into the studio. My paintings and drawings are also filled to capacity. I create with a nervous energy that is only calmed once every inch of surface is tended to. This neurotic, natural world acts as the stage for my characters to sort through their misery and chaos to find their salvation; or ultimately be destroyed.

-Gillian Davis, October 2017

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