Love Laws II 
Ila Krishnamoorthy

September 2, 2017

Lyeberry HQ | 250 Greenpoint Avenue, 4th Fl. Brooklyn, NY 11222

The folds are beautiful, the pleats are beautiful. You fold them against your body, three fingers pressed into your belly. Back and forth. Back and forth you wrap the silk between and around your fingers. Hold still, hold your breath, they mustn't slip. Hold it harder against your belly. The silk kisses your nails, the pleats seduce your soul. Seduction, the red is seduction, the green is seduction, the gold is seduction. It makes you submit. You are not worthy of this sari, it only seduces you. Hold the completed pleats closer now, tuck them into the elastic waistband [that is your horizon line]. You can never get them right - never even enough - it's hard to find the balance. But you know if you take them out and try again you'll just make them worse. But you have fondness for your sloppy red, green, and gold pleats. Your mom had bought you these saris for your 16th birthday, they were supposed to be wall decoration for a party you never had. Now your mom is embarrassed that you like to wear such cheap ones. But you never really wear them, you just like to be seduced by them.